Property maintenance

We manage and maintain your property while you are absent and we keep you up to date on each issue that concerns the property. The services include maintenance and control visits to the property, at agreed frequency, as well as any possible follow-up actions which might be needed.

You can choose the necessary services from the following:

  • mail collection and / or re-dispatch
  • bill payment services
  • lawn and garden care, watering of plants, mowing lawn, cutting bushes / trees, etc.
  • ventilation, cleaning and maintenance, collecting the garbage.
  • act, if necessary, when at your absence any utility billing shows incorrect
  • translation (to English) of any mail or notice received to the premises

We provide you with an electronic report of our every visit to your premises, so you can be aware what the state of our service is.

Before your arrival to your property, you might want us to check that the cable-TV is connected, the refrigerator is ready and cool, air-conditioners are properly working, water and electricity is on and all is cleaned up. Your property is like you had been away only for a few hours.

Contact us and we will make you an offer suited to your property. Request of a quote is completely free and bears no obligations and it is just a phone call away!