Problems with visa? Solve them now with your humble helper; Hans Lankari!

A new visa-packet for this year - for those who have ran out of options.

You'll get either 3 or 6 months of stay in Thailand.The visa trip takes place as follows:

At 4.00 AM you'll be picked up from your place in the Pattaya -area. (Departures are every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.) Around 9.00 AM you will arrive at the border. In the vicinity we'll have a breakfast and then pass the border. Transportation to a hotel where you'll spend 2 nights; a perfect way to relax while your passport is taken to a Thai embassy for you.

All the expenses for visa application are included in the price!

Second to your choice is either 3 or 6 months of stay in Thailand. Breakfast in the hotel is included. The return journey to Pattaya will take place in the afternoon of the 3rd day. Naturally this is included, too.

Single entry TR-visa to allow to stay 3 months in the Kingdom:  9 000 baht.
Double entry TR-visa to allow to stay 6 month in the Kingdom: 10 000 baht.

(Places are limited so we will serve on the first-to-come-first-to-serve basis. Please, reserve your trip well in advance before your allowance of stay is expired!)