Legal services

Thailand ’s legislation is a matter that regards everyone who is going to stay here. We need laws to make the society work. There are subjects which are evident to everyone of us; you can’t walk out of a store without paying your groceries, can’t photocopy money to use it, can’t punch a person if you don’t like him, etc., but there are many legal aspects where you need professional help. This is the time when you should contact Hans Lankari, your reliable helper.

Some of us, staying in Thailand long time, may encounter subjects such as transferring property, conflicts of interests, inheritance, civil- and criminal justice matters, insurance claims, etc.

Hans Lankari has 2 Thai lawyers in service. They have a strong experience in legal matters and very good contacts to public authorities.

You are welcome to contact us on these subjects at you convenience. Naturally the first consultation, and possible quotation of services, is completely free of charge.

We have many years of experience in these judicial subjects:

  • last wills
  • prenuptial agreements
  • drawing up contracts
  • commercial partnerships
  • claims and law suits
  • letters to public authorities
  • permits and licenses
  • inheritance
  • visa subjects
  • adoption and family legislation
  • insurance claims and compensation applications
  • company services (general assembly, company registration, company dismantlement, accounting, etc.)
  • tax and duty consultation
  • all kinds of translations (between any of these languages: Finnish, Thai, English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Estonian)

And many other matters. If we are not able to help, we can surely point you in the right direction and recommend another adviser who can surely master you´re special case.

And naturally every subject and document we translate into your own language!